The Martyr Series

Resurrection, Book I of The Martyr Series

Mankind has been at war since the dawn of time… and mankind is losing.

Welcome to New York City, where the Seven Deadly Sins are not just a myth. They’re ruthless, powerful beings so volatile, so pervasive, that their corruption has become ingrained into the very fabric of human society.

For eons, the Sins have brought out the worst in mankind, quietly forcing it to its knees, viciously removing anyone and anything that stood in their way. It has been a long-losing war with no end in sight…

Until Darius Jones joins the fight.

Darius finds himself with the Martyrs, an organization standing as New York’s last line of defense against the Sins, and he’s thrown into a world he never could have imagined: full of senseless violence, unfettered hatred, and a supernatural evil that is spreading further and faster than ever before.

Now, Darius must question everything he thinks he knows about what it means to be good in a world dominated by so much evil and discover if he has what it takes to be a part of this war…

…if he even wants to be.

Conviction, Book II of The Martyr Series

The unimaginable has happened… A Sin has been DESTROYED.

For the first time in decades, the Martyrs have something to celebrate: Pride is gone. While the Underground revels in this victory, seeing hope through a darkness so thick they never thought they’d escape it, Darius Jones only has one thing on his mind:

How can they do it again?

The hunt to bring more Virtues into the Underground begins, but everything is thrown into chaos when bombs start lighting up New York City and Thorn Rose is nearly killed. The Martyrs are pulled between stopping the violence, protecting their own, and bringing in the only people who can eradicate the Sins for good.

Things start to look up when Darius tracks down a Virtue, but there’s a problem… He might not have what it takes. The man challenges everything Darius knows about the Martyrs. And worse, he shines a harsh light on every mistake, lie, and secret lurking in the Underground, dismantling the fragile trust Thorn and Darius have worked so hard to build. Soon, Darius is faced with a complication he never expected:

Can he convince a Virtue to be more Virtuous?

Devotion, Book III of The Martyr Series

They’ve finally proven themselves to be a threat. Now, the Martyrs are being hunted.

New York City has become more dangerous than ever before. The Sins are out for blood, and they always seem to be one step ahead. The NYPD has been mobilized against the Martyrs, people are dying, and it won’t be long before they don’t have the manpower to keep up the fight. Darius Jones isn’t about to let that happen.

This war has taken everything from him: friends, family, and all the people he’s ever loved. The only thing he has left is the battle against the Sins, and he’s coming apart at the seams to make sure they win. Thorn is desperate to keep him from working himself into an early grave, but with the rest of the Underground in shambles, she’s hardly managing to hold them all together.

If something doesn’t change, the Martyrs won’t survive.

New recruitment protocols bring in an unlikely candidate: an ex-cop with ties to the Sins. His presence tears open deep wounds in the Martyrs, which only get worse with the discovery of another Virtue – a Virtue with no desire to join their war. As resentment begins to devour the Underground from the inside out, Darius realizes something terrifying:

His life isn’t the only thing he stands to lose.

Temptation, Book IV of The Martyr Series

The Underground is thriving, Wrath is on the run… And a fifth Virtue has appeared in New York City.

As the Seven Deadly Sins reel from another devastating loss, the Martyrs find themselves in a position they never could have imagined. They have more people, more resources, and more hope than ever before. For the first time in one hundred and fifty years, it looks like they may do more than sustain this war. They could win it.

While Darius Jones tries to bring a new Virtue into the fold and Thorn works to wipe the remaining Sins from the map, the Underground glows with a new-found confidence. Darius is driving them toward a victory they’d long since stopped believing in, and even Thorn is hungry for a life that’s more than constant conflict.

But it may be too good to last…

Even from the shadows, the Sins carve deep wounds, and the new Virtue proves more complicated than Darius originally thought. Old traumas are dredged to the surface, and it soon becomes clear that everything they’ve built can crumble more easily than it came together. Darius and Thorn are faced with the impossible question…

Is it even possible to build a new future with the past breathing down their necks?